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UglyDolls in 2016, ‘Trolls’ was released, a nice movie based on a popular line of toys. The contagious enthusiasm with UglyDolls which he approached a simple but fun story was key to becoming a recommended hobby for the whole family. Now you try to repeat the play with ‘Uglydolls: Extraordinarily ugly’, but the result is less stimulating.

From its conception it seems that it is considered a project in which to take few risks. It is the first production of the family and animated film section of STX Entertainment and the company chose to grant the film a modest budget of 45 million dollars – ‘Trolls’ cost Fox 125 – and that is something that is contagious to the tape all levels. There is nothing about him that stands out or annoys, he is simply content to reach the minimum necessary for you to pass the time.

Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 5.0