Triple Threat
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Triple Threat

‘Triple Threat’ can be considered the answer with Eastern cast to ‘The Mercenaries’. It is a formula, that of uniting Triple Threat three or more stars of action movies, which is seen more often in the East than in Hollywood. There, films with massive castings were common not too long ago (now oriental action cinema works differently, with India as the superpower and China as the manufacturer of hundreds of cheap, derivative and smashing products per month), but you just have to remember glorious eighties and the bouquet of masterpieces that Jackie Chan, Samo Hung and Yuen Biao left us in partnership.

The trio of heroes that heads ‘Triple threat’, which arrives almost under the covers of Filmin distributed by Selectavisión – rare thing, considering that its premiere has been delayed a couple of years since its first images were shown, and it was a title long-awaited for fans of the genre-, it is not lagging behind Chan and company in terms of forcefulness. Its protagonists are the Indonesian Iko Uwais (‘The Raid’, ‘The Night Comes for Us’), the Chinese Tiger Chen (protagonist of films little known in the West like the two ‘Kung Fu Traveler’, but whose prestige is founded above all in his stunts for ‘Tiger and Dragon’ and the two sequels of ‘Matrix’) and the now quasi-mythical Thai Tony Jaa (who revolutionized the genre with ‘Ong-Bak’).

Duration: 96 min


IMDb: 5.6