Toy Story 4
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Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 almost 25 years ago, Toy Story was released, a film that profoundly impacted an entire generation and that Toy Story 4 forever changed the history of cinema. It was the first film made entirely without cameras; the first computer-generated movie; the first film from a studio that would give us countless wonders; the first film of a new century that was hardly advertised. This tape was released when I was eight years old and I remember, vividly, watching it and cutting out newspaper ads, to save them, knowing that one day they would be history. Toy Story made me aware of the passing of time in the cinema; a passing that crossed me and that formed me. Toy Story, to me like many, gave me so much more than just a beautifully animated two-hour passenger sleep.

So long later, this saga comes to an unexpected end. Unexpected because, in reality, the saga had a cyclical end, perfectly satisfying, emotional, intelligent, in the third installment. It wasn’t necessary to make another Toy Story movie… but beautiful is rarely necessary. Toy Story 4 truly closes the saga because, beyond the values ​​of compassion, forgiveness and acceptance that we saw in the previous film, we find here a mature reflection on life, death, transcendence and an imperative need for independence.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 7.8