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Time Trap

Time Trap very discreetly, without making a fuss, this little piece of science fiction and adventure for all Time Trap audiences has perched at the top of the top of Netflix’s most watched. At the time of this writing it is shining at number 2 in Spain, and until a few days ago it was not even on the platform. It premiered more than three years ago, in May 2017, at the Seattle festival, a year and a half later it began to be seen on US streaming platforms, and now it comes to us on Netflix.

But … why has it made such an impact among the public? The reason may be its accessibility, which poses a journey through time that is very easy to understand despite the fact that it also displays a couple of juicy paradoxes. Or its casual tone, almost in the atypical of films like ‘Primer’, without parody but also without unnecessary gravity, and that launches the viewer without complicating life an approach to time travel that is not seen very much in the cinema. often: traveling for so many years, centuries, millennia, that the passing of the days stops making sense.

Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 6.3