The Yellow Birds
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The Yellow Birds

The Yellow Birds lately the movies last a long time, but a long time. From the typical hour and a half, an hour The Yellow Birds and forty-five, it is already rare to see a movie that is less than two hours. Many complain that this is one of the reasons why it is better to watch series, they require less time per chapter, you have to stay up less late, etc. Others, more reliable, seem to have discovered that long movies seem more important and that if a movie doesn’t seem like a big event, we don’t go to the movies. As if we were more hesitant to pay 10 euros to enter for an hour and a half of entertainment, which we find easily at home, than a 3-hour show.

Before, very long films were those of the great directors, dramas that required a certain effort and had a lot to tell. I mean, like ‘The Irishman’. Since ‘The Lord of the Rings’, however, the trend is that the universes and action and spectacle films exceed two hours, reaching the depth and number of characters in the series, without giving up their half or an hour of action. Marvel and DC are the living example of this trend, in films that have to tell a lot of history, place comic book fans, have secondary characters, many humorous moments, great action scenes and, above all, have an ending or an epilogue that allows to link it with other productions of the universe. So, of course, there is no one who goes below 120 minutes. At least until ‘Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn)’ is released.

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IMDb: 5.7