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The Wife

The Wife there’s a slick, comforting charm underpinning scrappy comedy drama Military Wives, a film that squeezes a The Wife well-known true story into the crowd-pleasing packaging of a feelgood Britcom. It’s no real surprise when one takes a glance at the credits since director Peter Cattaneo’s 1997 hit The Full Monty virtually provided the blueprint, and while he’s had difficulty repeating its success ever since, he might have a decent-sized hit on his hands here.

To many Brits at least, the loose facts of the Military Wives choir’s rise to fame will ring a bell or two, the women who turned a therapeutic hobby into a chart-topping success. Inspired by, rather than tied to, the true story, the film focuses on two women and their differing attempts to raise the spirits of those left behind at a military base. With their partners away in Afghanistan, the women fall into a familiar routine, glumly aware of what lies ahead as they either wait for their return or for news they hope will never arrive. It’s a mode of living that Kate (Kristin Scott Thomas) knows all too well, her son killed in battle while her husband continues to fight and as she hands over social committee duties to Lisa (Sharon Horgan), she finds it difficult to let go.

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 7.2