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The Week Of

The Week Of in 2014, Adam Sandler and his production company Happy Madison inked a lucrative deal with Netflix to star in The Week Of four movies on the streaming platform. The first two, The Ridiculous 6 and The Do-Over, were grating and uninspired – but they evidently attracted enough eyeballs to make Netflix add another four films to Sandler’s contract last year, bringing the prospective total to eight. Bankable as he may be, though, Sandler’s work with Netflix (with the exception of the non-contractual Noah Baumbach-directed The Meyerowitz Stories, one of the actor’s all-time best performances) has thus far suggested a man on autopilot, unwilling to update his shtick so long as the checks keep coming in.

The first product since that extended commission, a lukewarm comedy called The Week Of, is much of the same, with Sandler in his archetypal role as Kenny, a foundering, self-deprecating, middle-class family man trying to organize his daughter’s wedding, which, as the title suggests, is this week! Playing Kenny’s future in-law is Chris Rock as Kirby, the father of the groom, a wealthy, womanizing surgeon from Los Angeles who makes his way to Long Island for the nuptials.

A lighthearted Sandler/Rock collaboration ought to be comedy gold, especially with assists from Rachel Dratch and Steve Buscemi, but here the two seem amazingly bored, having been shoehorned into a script (by Robert Smigel and Sandler) that borrows from films like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Father of the Bride, The In-Laws and Our Family Wedding while coasting on the name and charm of its two leads. There are laughs, but they’re meek, and almost all of them come at the expense of either a double-amputee war veteran named Seymour or a mildly autistic teenager named Noah, whose “triggers” are mentioned exhaustively.

Duration: 116 min


IMDb: 5.2