The Wandering Earth
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The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth the core of the sun is rapidly aging and expanding. It will end up devouring the earth … The Wandering Earth With this particular declaration of intent, The Wandering Earth (The Wandering Earth) the film that is based on the novella (thus, with two eles) of 47 pages of Liu Cixin, the first Chinese writer to win a Hugo Award, he has had an unstoppable career at the Chinese box office. And just two months after acquiring the international rights, Netflix has launched it by surprise on its platform (it is in the original version with subtitles and in Spanish for Latin America). It premiered on February 5, coinciding with the lunar new year, and in the first six days at the box office it grossed $ 302 million (it took a couple of days for the public to read the first reviews, but the response was then overwhelming). In fourteen days, it grossed $ 600 million, topping the box office of recent Hollywood hits like Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, it has already surpassed it at the box office. The novelty is that it is a science fiction film, department of catastrophes, a genre that until now was reserved for Hollywood.

What is the film about? The short version is this: Located in the distant future, the governments of Earth, faced with the annihilation of life at the hands of an unstable sun, have installed thrusters all over the planet to turn it into a spacecraft with which they can travel through the universe in search of a new home. There are 10 billion engines spread all over the planet. But as the Earth approaches Jupiter, an internal system failure causes those thrusters to explode …

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IMDb: 6.0