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The Other Lamb

The Other Lamb A film that begins with images worthy of Bill Viola himself would not be surprising if it won the festival’s The Other Lambaward for best photography. Michal Englert is not only inspired by the beginning of the film but also delights us, throughout the entire footage of some inspired framing, interior lighting (all warm) and exterior (in cold tones) in line with the feelings of the protagonists and an interest in detail that alternates with large panoramas that seem inspired by Romanticism. An unusual visual delight.

Malgorzata Szumowska, the Polish filmmaker, who has dealt with the influence of social norms and convictions, be they gender, aesthetic or religious, on the individual from the beginning of her career, shoots for the first time a foreign story and in another language. The talent, the good knowledge and the firm hand of her careful direction have not made the filmmaker lose one iota of her mastery in front of a foreign script.