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The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect what is the Mandela effect? Well, popularly we would say that it occurs when we think we The Mandela Effect remember situations, facts or events that have occurred when in fact we have invented it. Many experts associate it with being a product created by the effect of the so-called collective memory, a term coined by the philosopher and sociologist Maurice Halbwachs that refers to the memories and memories that society as a whole treasures and highlights and that sometimes we leads to interfere with our individual memories.

The name of this social phenomenon lies, indeed, in the Nobel Peace Prize Nelson Mandela. Why? Because the first time that such an effect was studied occurred with the death of the African leader. Nelson Mandela passed away due to the effects of a respiratory infection in his home. However, many people were surprised by such a headline as they continue to affirm that in their memory is having read that the fighter against apartheid died in prison and even say they recall scenes from his funeral. His is an erroneous image but one that, as a result of a collective memory, makes it be taken for true.

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