The Last Movie Star
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The Last Movie Star

The Last Movie Star as they prepare for their final battle against the galaxy’s forces of evil, the characters in The Last Movie Star The Rise of Skywalker remind each other several times that if this doesn’t work, everything that’s come before—everything they’ve fought for, everything they’ve been through—will all count for nothing. You could say the same of the movie itself. We can debate the importance of final chapters, whether they really have, or should have, the power to elevate or invalidate everything that came before them—and though the ninth episode in this generation-spanning story has been advertised with the promise that “The Saga Will End,” that’s a promise that has been made and broken before. But there’s a lot riding on how Skywalker lands the good ship Star Wars—and not just for Disney’s stockholders.

The Last Jedi was a thrilling addition to the Star Wars canon, drawing the best first-run reviews of any film in the franchise and instilling hope—a new hope, even—that it was possible for a movie to tick all the boxes required of a modern IP-driven blockbuster, and still be genuinely thoughtful and surprising. It was also loathed by a small but extremely vocal minority that was infuriated by writer-director Rian Johnson’s provocative approach to Star Wars lore. The franchise’s controlling entities seemed satisfied enough with the movie’s success—$1.3 billion in worldwide box-office—to put Johnson in charge of launching a brand-new trilogy.

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 6.9