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The Invisible Guardian

The Invisible Guardian a car crash on a twisting, lonely back road triggers a pile-up of twisting and turning The Invisible Guardian events in Oriol Paulo’s satisfyingly crafted thriller The Invisible Guest, the follow-up to his acclaimed The Body. Paulo may indeed be incidentally interested in themes such as the shifting truth, justice and the way arrogant, powerful people react to losing control of their lives, but he’s far more interested in keeping the viewer engaged and breathless. This he does very well, indeed. But in this tricksiest of films, psychological depth is as invisible as the titular guest.

That said, offshore business is likely for Guest. It’s the kind of stylishly packaged project, designed for global appeal, which could easily stand a remake, and suggests that Paulo, who on this evidence has a formidable command of the dynamics of thriller making, might be positioning himself to follow the likes of Alejandro Amenabar and Juan Antonio Bayona and take a stab at the U.S. market.