The Golden Glove
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The Golden Glove

The Golden Glove what is it about? In 1970, Berlin’s St. Pauli district was one of the worst places to go after dark.The Golden Glove Prostitutes and drunkards share the streets with strange and lonely beings. One of them is Fritz Honka (played by Jonas Dassler), an ugly, lame guy with a hump worthy of a cartoon character. Honka is also a regular customer of the Golden Glove, the bar that gives the film its name and which will become his usual place of harassment of women of all kinds. Although he is always on the hunt, his only victims end up being old and poor ladies, lost drunks, whom he takes home, murders and dismembers without remorse, hiding their remains in a hole in the wall. Every time someone asks the horrible Mr. Honka where the smell of death came from in his apartment, he exclaims that it is the Greeks from the lower floor.

What’s up?. We have spent many years living with the figure of the charismatic serial killer on the small and the big screen. Titles like ‘Dexter’ (HBO, 2006-2013), ‘Hannibal’ (NBC, 2013-2015) and the most recent (but no less influential) ‘Mindhunter’ (Netflix, 2017) already inhabit our popular imagination and have contributed to popularize all kinds of fantasies of death and power. And less than a month ago, ‘La casa de Jack’ by Lars Von Trier surprised us with his particular reflection on artistic creation through the figure of a serial killer. In this field, a bit saturated with so much deadly charisma, Fatih Akin has decided to give his protagonist a spin and bet, once again, on a model more ‘M, the vampire of Düsseldorf’ (Fritz Lang, 1931) and less Christian Gray . This decision might be a good way to bring some of the lost freshness back to the character, but executing this archetypal twist leaves a lot to be desired.