The First Purge
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The First Purge

The First Purge in 2013, a movie was released to the public that ended up causing a sensation among fans, ‘The Purge: Night of the Beasts’.The First Purge And the idea was as original as it was striking: in a dystopian present, the United States annually celebrated what is known as the purge, which consisted of letting people commit absolutely all the crimes they wanted during one night. In this way, they managed to release the violence that resides in human beings and for the rest of the year to reign peace. An approach that, of course, got people to go to movie theaters wanting to see what happened.

A year later ‘Anarchy: the night of the beasts’ was released, and in 2016 ‘Election: the night of the beasts’ arrived. The experience must have continued to be good, since the film team has decided to shoot a fourth installment, ‘The First Purge’, which will be released in Spain on July 6 of this year.

Although it was known that Universal Pictures and Blumhouse were working on the fourth installment of the saga, it has not been until now that both the name and the first promotional poster of the film have been officially known. The poster has stood out both for its simplicity and for how striking it is: the absolute protagonist of the image is a red cap on which it says ‘The first Purge’, that is, ‘The first purge’.

Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 5.2