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The Father

Is there a cinematic The Father way to capture an experience as particular and extreme as senile dementia? And if it exists, should the cinema try it? In THE FATHER, adapted from his own play, the French author and director tries to capture what can be assumed to be the essence of an experience as painful and complex as losing track of reality can be. He does not do it through special effects or invent rare resources to try to convey how such a situation can be lived. He does it in a fairly simple and straightforward way: starting with the assembly.

It is a very simple story, although it is difficult to explain it since you never The Father fully know what is real and what is not in what we see. In principle we will say that Anthony Hopkins plays Anthony (there is no possible confusion there), an octogenarian who lives in an elegant London apartment. Her daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) is the one who has dedicated herself to taking care of him with the help of different nurses, but the man has made another one give up (she is not the first of hers), accusing her of having stolen money from him. Anne announces that she is going to live in Paris and that she is going to introduce him to another girl so that she can take care of him. Anthony presumably doesn’t want to know anything.

This is where the movie reveals the tricks of him. What we are seeing is how Anthony experiences the situation, how he seems to be losing, recovering and losing the notion of reality again. The Father movie That is why the people, the faces, the times and the settings begin to mix. A while later he sees a man in his house (is it really his house?) And asks him who he is, to the laugh of the questioned man. “I am your daughter’s husband,” he tells her. And when Anne reappears she has another face (that of Olivia Williams) and Anthony does not recognize her. And later on, Anne’s own husband returns and has another face (Rufus Sewell) increasing the confusion of the man who, above all, assumes that everything is part of a plan to keep his money and his house.

Duration: 97 min


IMDb: 8.3