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The Endless

The Endless the Garaño, Goenaga and Arregi trinomial approaches the historical account to narrate the evolution The Endless of our country throughout the dictatorship without leaving a minimal space, that of a room (and little else), where a man hides, persecuted for his ideas . It is his main bet, also his greatest risk, how to tell the passage of time with very few elements and minimizing narrative resources through point of view.

The political substrate is present, but it is the domestic and conjugal relationship between Higinio and Rosa that little by little will end up being imposed. The infinite trench is a story of silent struggle, resistance, fear and much loneliness. The directors create a strong and united intimate space that will gradually crack. Time in the first half is tense and condensed, to expand and relativize in the second. Thus, the battles of the past lose their meaning once they pass through the filter of routine, frustration and boredom. The wear of Higinio and Rosa will become a metaphor for the dictatorship itself. That, and many other things that are counted on the stealth and forced silence that the characters use to communicate.

Duration: 111 min


IMDb: 6.5