The Disaster Artist
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The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist “My God, you have to see this movie: it sucks,” I was told the first time I heard about The Disaster Artist ‘The Room’. It seemed like a joke. Why am I going to see a movie that was already being advanced to me that is terrible? Why would I waste my time like that? And the truth is that the whole phenomenon built around this 2003 film responds to the same pattern: it doesn’t make any damn sense. Indeed, it is one of the most shockingly bad movies ever. Tommy Wiseau used all his creativity, his money and his acting skills to create this infamous story that a few years later would become a true mass phenomenon.

The ‘how’ is just as surreal. After two weeks failing on the Los Angeles billboards and horrible reviews in the press, ‘The Room’ received a curious viewer who instead of blushing with its dire performances and its plot gaps, began to laugh. This blogger found that while as a drama it left a lot to be desired, as an inadvertent comedy it was priceless. Mouth-ear did the rest. A short time later, the film filled the cinemas with fans who had created a cult around them, which included the learning and repetition of their most memorable phrases, the launch of a rubgy ball over the seats and the launch of plastic spoons to the screen. Seeing Wiseau’s film had become a party, an extra-cinematic celebration that still triumphs today, more than fifteen years later.

Duration: 104 min


IMDb: 7.4