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The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower during the last years, adaptations of Stephen King’s work have multiplied on all platforms and The Dark Tower formats: even his books and stories considered “unadaptable” have ended up reaching television and cinema with the success of the box office, audience and public behind. With one glaring exception: Nikolaj Arcel’s 2017 film Dark Tower, which attempted to narrate much of the main story lines of the saga, was a failure. So the natural choice was to assume that necessarily the story (which spans eight books and touches several genres at once) needed to reach television in serial form to show its full potential.

Amazon Prime Video then decided to buy the rights and carry out a production, in the style of the colossal proposals The Lord of the Rings (whose casting has already been announced and is in the process of production) and the high fantasy saga Wheel of Time written four-handed by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. However, the King saga could not find a successful formula for its adaptation, so after recording the pilot, the channel has decided to cancel the project.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 5.6