The Courier
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The Courier

The Courier almost inert action film, with exterior shots of London that seem from an archive, with action sequences The Courier (ahem, you have to call them something) that occur mostly in parking lots, without emotion or any joke that even keeps us hooked on the plot or the protagonist. And although it comes out of the formula of the rude guy (only because it is not him but her) who defeats skilled thugs one by one, the film is not enough to become a vehicle for showing off the Russian Olga Kurylenko, its protagonist, and that is not that is to say little.

But director Zackary Adler, whose filmography is made up of simple comedies and forgettable thrillers, manages to overshadow this actress’s natural brilliance, as well as her fiery energy, to put momentum and excitement in a story that could have been more than it was very short. The Messenger also features what is probably Gary Oldman’s worst performance, as the one-eyed villain Ezekiel Mannings, who acts without depth or conviction. With lethargic dialogues (it seems that Oldman left his clone still on trial filming the scenes), this capo de capos listens to classical music with his eye closed and his villainous smile in his apartment in New York, but is first interrupted when he is told that his order to kill the witness in a case against him was not executed and then to receive his astonishing instructions.

Duration: 99 min


IMDb: 4.9