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The Cleansing Hour

The Cleansing Hour, starring Ryan Guzman, Kyle Gallner, and Alix Angelis, used Blackmagic Design cameras, The Cleansing Hour ATEM mixers and converters to produce its production, as well as the DaVinci Resolve Studio program during post-production to create an exclusive show within a horror movie.

Millennial entrepreneurs Drew and Max are in charge of a popular webcast on exorcisms live. However, the performances are indeed a total mockery. The two get what they deserve when their new actress is mysteriously possessed by a royal demon who is holding the entire team hostage. The film premiered online on October 8 on the Shudder channel.

The concept originated from director Damien LeVeck’s experience in the reality show arena. “I have observed that when people watch a video on the Internet, especially if it is of low quality, they automatically think it is more realistic. And this was during a period when more and more outlandish things were being posted on Facebook, just for attention. So, I asked myself: What if someone wants to fool the audience with exorcisms and then they are forced to deal with a real one? “

Duration: 94 min


IMDb: 5.9