Standing Up, Falling Down
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Standing Up, Falling Down

Standing Up, Falling Down quite simply, the comedy Standing Up, Falling Down, the first feature by producer Standing Up, Falling Down Matt Ratner, succeeds in becoming a modest essay on success. Or more precisely, about what it means to be successful in the 21st century and the pressure that Western societies exert on individuals to escape the label of loser, a stigma that common sense has installed as a border between happiness and failure. Thus, feeling like a failure, is how Scott returns to his hometown after trying to become a Stand-up artist on the Los Angeles city circuit. Precisely, that return without the expected glory, in which the not so young protagonist returns to the family home as if he were a teenager, works as a certification of his character as a loser. But far from adding to the bullying that characters like Scott usually receive in the cinema, Ratner’s film takes their side.

It is true that at first the poor guy is faced with a discouraging outlook: his father is a worker who when he is at home all he does is watch TV, his mother continues to treat him as if he were 14 and with his younger sister – who She is not that minor either, and she works as a manager in a fast food outlet in a shopping mall — they suck each other because they know that to the world, outside the family bubble, they are both losers. But the poisonous dialectical darts that the brothers throw at each other also function as a game of mirrors, in which each party attacks itself in the reflection returned by the failure of others.

Duration: 91 min


IMDb: 6.5