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Song to Song

Song to Song in his penultimate film to date, and as he did previously in ‘To The Wonder’ (2012) and ‘Knight of Cups’ Song to Song (2015), Terrence Malick takes the fragmented and supposedly experimental narrative format that he already tried to the field of self-parody partially in ‘The tree of life’ (2011). ‘Song to Song’ takes place in the Austin, Texas music scene and includes appearances by Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lykke Li, Red Hot Chili Peppers and John Lydon, but it really wouldn’t matter if it were done in a sausage factory . The director uses that setting as a mere excuse to offer a mere excuse to offer another slight variation on his favorite theme: the power of love and spirituality.

To that end, Malick displays all of his stylistic tics. ‘Song to Song’ offers only a plot outline, and it does so in a vague and incoherent way; instead, it advances in the manner of a random succession of images of skies dotted with colorful clouds, fluttering birds and butterflies, and ornamental human beings caressing walls, dancing on rooftops, turning almost sleepwalking, wallowing with I enjoy under a swirl of sheets and, of course, they whisper in ‘off’ inner monologues that include phrases like “I have played with the flame of life.” Meanwhile, the camera stumbles through the spaces as if trying to kill a mosquito. We see its protagonists, so beautiful and so tortured, get on private planes and ride aboard cars or in the rooms of their giant mansions; at times they seem to be having a great time, and at other times they squander melancholy as they caress each other’s crotches. Actors like Cate Blanchett and Val Kilmer appear fleetingly, as if they had visited the set while the cameras were filming. Whatever the purpose of it all, it is certainly much less profound than Malick seems to believe. Perhaps watching the movie more than once allows us to detect hidden meanings, but to see who is the brave one who dares.

Duration: 129 min


IMDb: 5.7