Shimmer Lake
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Shimmer Lake

Shimmer Lake the days, the months, the years and, ultimately, our lives could be gone, if we start to count the Shimmer Lake number of original productions that Netflix is ​​pulling out of its hat — and that it will continue to do. As in any self-respecting production company, we will find in its library high-quality products (see Stranger Things), expected releases like May Water (the case of Death Note, controversies aside) and others … that we could definitely ignore their mention. In Netflix series triumph, but its content team is trying to ensure that the feature films are not left behind and the level of risk continues to increase. That’s what they had to have in mind when they produced Lake Shimmer (Shimmer Lake), the film that concerns us today and that plays with its own nature.

Oren Uziel, at the controls of the film, is one of those screenwriters who made his way into the Hollywood comic genre with his work in the funny The Departed at the University (Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, 2014) and whom we have seen associated with the popular God Particle film, the project that lost its name after entering the Cloverfield universe as a direct sequel to 10 Cloverfield Street (Dan Trachtenberg, 2016). This time, however, he has launched himself in the direction of his first feature film by Netflix and we have to see if he can master that of wearing a cap and sitting in a black folding chair. Inside Lake Shimmer Review!

Duration: 86 min


IMDb: 6.3