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Room friend Shaftesbury was thinking of the curiousness of the modern man’s fear — panic — of being ridiculous, probably the most Room obvious great wall of coercion for those brave who dare to put their toes outside the norm. The result of the expedition is something else. This is how James Franco seems to think, a strange figure in Hollywood’s gear, a provocateur in continuous search – with more or less fortune – who, after trying to consolidate himself as a director with adaptations of Faulkner or the biography of Bukowski, has had to discard of the need for recognition to finally be recognized: at the moment the Golden Shell at the last San Sebastian Festival and several nominations for the Golden Globes.

Because James Franco probably has more of Tommy Wiseau than Faulkner, and not in a bad sense, but in that of the twinning that sharing gives, although in different gradations, a context, a character and a philosophy. Recognizing oneself in the essence of the other below the grotesque. ‘The Disaster Artist’ could be defined as “Don Quixote in Hollywood, based on real events.” And the best thing about the film is the realization that someone like Tommy Wiseau lives among us, outside of a chivalric book or the delusion of a cursed author, a great anomaly comparable to the opening of an interdimensional door or the sighting of a gamusino .

Duration: 118 min


IMDb: 8.1