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Rent-A-Pal between masks, distancing, curfews, empty streets and the continuous suspicion that anyone can infect us with Rent-A-Pal a lethal virus in many cases, it often gives the impression that everything seen in horror films has decided to assault reality and impose its law . It happens, however, that sometimes fear, chill, bizarreness, unhealthy curiosity towards the strange, the unexpected and the grotesque still prefer the screen to manifest themselves. Cinema continues to shape audiences’ dreams, questioning their intimate emotions and feeding their primary illusions, often more effectively than reality itself.

For this reason, against all odds, the Fantastic Film Festival (Fancine) of the University of Malaga will celebrate its next edition, the thirtieth, from November 11 to 19: terror on the screen not only continues to make sense but also , It protects us, or at least it distracts us, from the one who spreads in the street. Adapted to the circumstances, with reduced capacity and all the health protocols that make culture a safe experience against new infections, the Fancine offers, yes, and as always, much more than terror: animation, science fiction, mystery , classics of the genre, adventures and other herbs are also included in this remedy against the misfortune of reality. Although the round edition that comes to celebrate thirty years of fantastic cinema in Malaga would have deserved a more sonorous and showy celebration, as was planned before the coronavirus ruined everything, that the Fancine is about to be reviewed in 2020 constitutes already a remarkable success. And appetizing, no matter how scary it is. After all, you can always come back from your dream nightmares.

Duration: 108 min


IMDb: 6.2