Ready Player One
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Ready Player One

Ready Player One in this trend comes Ready Player One, a movie that is based on the book of the same name written by the Geek Ready Player One of all Geeks, Ernest Cline. The premise of both works is quite “gamer”, in the near future, devastated by global warming and wars; In a society in which the government has almost no power and corporations dominate everything, the millionaire James Halliday has hidden three keys, the copper one, the jade one and the crystal one, which allow whoever finds them, to be the owner of the OASIS, a virtual reality world in which literally every human being lives their entire life, from school, to personal relationships and entertainment. It is the most important economic resource on the planet so crazy people turn to the search for this “easter egg”, but there is a catch, Halliday says that the clues are in his head so, to find the treasure, the Participants must literally turn to knowing every taste, every moment, every moment of their life to be able to interpret the tracks.

Halliday was a fan of pop culture from the 80’s, so all the egg hunters or “Gunters” know every line, every dialogue and every favorite game of the creator of the OASIS, the 80’s are fashionable in 2045.

Duration: 140 min


IMDb: 7.5