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Raya and the Last Dragon

From the China of ‘Mulan’ to the Polynesian islands of ‘Vaiana’, Walt Disney Pictures has helped us travel to various Raya and the Last Dragon regions of the world and explore their exciting cultures. Beyond the legitimate debate about whether these multicultural portraits were tinged with a certain racism, it is clear that the animation studio is learning from its mistakes, and it is that the 90s visions of ‘Pocahontas’ or ‘Aladdin’ have nothing to do with the recent ‘Coco’ and, now, ‘Raya and the last dragon’. Released on Disney + and theaters simultaneously, this animated film has built a magical world that draws on the culture of Southeast Asia.

The story takes us to Kumandra, a place where humans and dragons lived in peace until malevolent watch Raya and the Last Dragon forces that transform living beings into stone threatened to devastate the territory. The dragons sacrificed themselves to save a humanity that, 500 years later, seems unable to overcome their differences and trust each other. It will be the young warrior Raya (in English, her voice is that of Kelly Marie Tran) who becomes the last hope of a world that is once again in danger and that needs a miracle in the form of a dragon.

We explore all the cultural references that the film’s team has shared, from the countries that have most influenced its aesthetics to the mythological creatures that have defined the personality of some of its characters.

“We’re trying to build a great legend. It could have been very easy to turn it into a kind of neutral fantasy land, Raya and the Last Dragon movie but it was really cool to have elements there that we could point to, that represented the cultures that we grew up in,” said one on NBC. from the scriptwriters of ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, Qui Nguyen, who created this great tribute to the culture of Southeast Asia on paper.