Paradise Hills
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Paradise Hills

Paradise Hills it seems unheard of that a debut feature, no matter how much it has been signed by someone who has Paradise Hills been dedicated to audiovisual for a long time, offers a catalog as borderline as that allowed by Bilbao’s Alice Waddington in her unclassifiable debut. Lysergic mixture of cruel tale, feminist manifesto and solid product attentive to the conventions of the fantastic (insane reclusion aspect), Paradise Hills is an elaborate surreal artifact, in which wakefulness and sleep are artfully mixed to seek something as terrible as the domestication of young people of good society suitable for a wedding at the convenience of their parents.

Set the action on a remote island / cell / artificial paradise, and in an undisclosed time (cars fly, but the scenery and costumes look like the 19th century: to underline that there are things that could well have never changed, such as the subordination of women to the dictates of others), the film shows, with almost surgical precision, the limits of rebellion in a future world (or present?), at the same time that, without ambiguity, recalls the right to rise up against injustice, wherever it comes from. Narrated with an unusual elegance, excellently interpreted by its entire female cast and endowed with a perverse and twisted grace, this is one of the most unique exordios of Spanish cinema in years.

Duration: 95 min


IMDb: 5.5