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My Spy

My Spy “A Call to Spy” braids the stories of three decorated WWII spies to reveal — and to revel in — their pivotal roles My Spy in British spy craft and history. The title may fall flat but the movie, a sturdy directorial debut for producer Lydia Dean Pilcher, gets to the heart of the matter. Even as they faced various forms of discrimination, Vera Atkins, Virginia Hall and Noor Inayat Khan responded boldly to the tug of duty. They served Britain, and the movie does a stand-up job honoring them even as its prettiness calls into question the medium’s over-reliance on war as the crucible in which all heroism is to be measured.

A scene of torture begins the film. The year is 1941, and Germany has invaded France. The person being interrogated is a woman. Soaked, gasping, she will not crumble. Turns out, she doesn’t have to. The woman is Hall (Sarah Megan Thomas), and to our relief, she’s undergoing the final test in her training. Three months earlier, the Special Operations Executive branch of the British government began recruiting “lady spies.” Winston Churchill had a hunch they’d be able to move through enemy territory without drawing the wrong kind of attention. The movie extends that early mercy only so far: There will be casualties and losses in the fight to fortify the Resistance in France. One in three British spies in France was killed; and it’s hard to forget that the outrages of WWII lead to the Geneva Conventions. Germany’s genocide isn’t the focus here, but signs of it gnaw at the margins of the action, and Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon, makes a cameo.

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IMDb: 6.3