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Midway it’s hard to be truly disappointed in Roland Emmerich’s new job, because only a fool would expect much of him. Midway After all, the German filmmaker has spent most of his career making a specific type of cinema: bad action movies. For a time, in fact, he was regarded as one of the great directors of throwaway film shows, full of impersonal characters and papier-mâché showmanship and lots and lots of kitsch. ‘Midway’ includes two of the latter ingredients.

On this occasion, the author of catastrophic fantasies such as ‘Independence Day’ (1996), ‘The day after tomorrow’ (2004) and ‘2012’ (2009) launches into a historical re-enactment: that of the 1942 naval battle between States The United States and Japan, which changed the course of World War II, and the six months of tacticism after the Pearl Harbor disaster that preceded it. History, remember, has not tended to be Emmerich’s strong suit; when his films pretend to be based on real events – either caricaturing the American War of Independence in ‘The Patriot’ (2000), defending a crazy theory according to which William Shakespeare was not the true author of his works in ‘Anonymous ‘(2011) or turning the birth of gay rights into an offensive cliché in’ Stonewall ‘(2015) – they tend to end up being more ridiculous than when they talk about alien invasions, cities buried under ice or biblical disasters.

Duration: 138 min


IMDb: 6.7