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Midsommar gives something to talk about. Right now, as was the case with Rome, overwhelming positive reviews are Midsommar creating adverse reactions: many arrived with excessive expectations and ended up disappointed; many others, to feel unique and special, are exploding opinions against the grain; the others go out of their way to praise. The fact is that Midsommar is a controversial and visceral film that leaves no one indifferent.

This is a folk horror film that mixes elements of romantic comedy with psychological suspense and cultured movie references. This is a true rarity worthy of Ari Aster’s eccentric and nerdy talent. With an enormous sense of symmetry, space, light, sound and color, Midsommar is equal parts a brainband and a precious visual essay. His enormous aesthetic care is imposed on a plot that is both disconcerting and simple, woven and predictable.

Duration: 148 min


IMDb: 7.1