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Marrowbone “The orphanage” helped a lot to launch the career of Juan Antonio Bayona, its director, but it was also key Marrowbone for Sergio G. Sánchez to become one of the most sought-after Spanish screenwriters. The funny thing is that what he had always wanted was to direct films, but his first feature film for the big screen has been long in coming, since the companies were made with their scripts but with the idea that someone else would make them.

That has changed thanks to ‘The Secret of the Marrowbone’, a film that could be seen during the past San Sebastián and Sitges festivals. From there I could already hear more negative than positive comments, emphasizing how badly its outcome worked – laughable is an adjective that I heard on several occasions. Once seen I have to agree with them, since the end of the film is so bad that it destroys the film irretrievably.

Duration: 110 min


IMDb: 6.7