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Make Up oscar-nominated hair and makeup designer Naomi Donne had a few tricks up her sleeve when trying to Make Up keep bloody wounds, explosive powder and dirt stains looking the same in each take to maintain the continuity of Universal’s 1917.

The single-shot style of the war film inspired her and prosthetics designer Tristan Versluis to use an unorthodox remote-controlled blood pump to depict Lance Corporal Blake’s (Dean-Charles Chapman) stab wound in real time. Normally, Donne says, the crew would cut the take “and throw a load of blood on and then carry on.” But since the scene was filmed in one go, she relied on a pump, activated from a distance: “It had to be timed perfectly. It had to have the right amount of blood. You pray that it happens OK, because it’s a huge deal to go again.”

The challenge was setting up the remote control at “exactly the right moment, so that the blood would squirt,” which they rehearsed in the makeup room beforehand. “Things like that are very complicated. When you’re doing a lot of takes, you’re not always going to guarantee the same result each take,” Donne says.

Duration: 86 min


IMDb: 6.0