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Lucky a turtle crosses the screen from side to side and in the same movement crosses the desert. But not that of the Arabs, Lucky where only the endless sand dunes are seen, but that of the cowboys, the desert of the red earth and the cacti the size of buildings. That of the southern border of the United States, a mestizo territory where myths are imposed on history and men and women seem to live outside of time. This is the universe that the turtle goes through going from one end of the plane to the other, and also the perfect setting in which the story of Lucky, a 90-year-old young man, takes place (the addition after the comma is exclusive to the version local), a special film for many reasons at the same time.

It is first of all the directorial debut of actor John Carroll Lynch, an unknown name for a face famous for having played important supporting roles, with a filmography that ranges from Fargo (1996, Ethan and Joel Coen) to Gran Torino (2008, Clint Eastwood) or The Sinister Island (2010, Martin Scorsese), among many other important titles. At the same time, it is the last film by the enormous Harry Dean Stanton, another actor famous for his great supporting roles, but who will be remembered forever for having played Travis, the pilgrim protagonist of Paris, Texas (1984, Wim Wenders), a film that somehow he shares his universe with Lucky.

Duration: 88 min


IMDb: 7.3