Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Dumber and less stylish than its predecessor, Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Kingsman: The Golden Circle cartoonish secret-agent pastiche Kingsman: The Golden Circle is also even more of an incoherent right-wing text, an exaggeration of the James Bond movies’ violence, fashion sense, and sex that keeps trying to pass off its ham-fisted conservative attitudes as smirking nihilism. The first film at least bested the latter-day Bond movies in plastic spy-movie pleasures—spiffy gadgets, goofy bad guys, over-compensating production design—and had a more or less consistent narrative, with working-class English delinquent Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) learning to become an agent of Kingsman, a shadowy “independent” intelligence agency disguised as a Savile Row tailor shop, under the tutelage of gentleman spy Harry Hart (Colin Firth). But anyone put off by the first film’s patrician politics will find even less to like in this lurching sequel.

The villain this time around is Poppy Adams (Julianne Moore), a kitsch-loving billionaire drug trafficker who runs her empire out of Poppy Land, a retro-futurist theme park hidden in an unknown jungle; her office is a ’50s diner where disloyal underlings are ground into burger meat, just up the street from the private theater where she enjoys nightly performances from a kidnapped, indignant Elton John. Poppy’s dastardly plan: poisoning her own product in order to force the leaders of the world into decriminalizing and regulating recreational drugs. Oddly, director Matthew Vaughn and his co-writer, Jane Goldman, seem to recognize that this isn’t the worst demand ever made by a supervillain—never mind that it makes less sense than whatever Auric Goldfinger was up to when he tried to irradiate Fort Knox. The villain of the first film—which was actually pretty funny—was an environmentalist who turned the teeming global masses into rabid killers by giving out free phone and internet service; one presumes that the next Kingsman (already in development) will take on universal healthcare.

Duration: 141 min


IMDb: 6.7