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Just Another Christmas

Just Another Christmas when the trailer for the new Christmas romcom Happiest Season dropped, so, too, did my heart. Just Another Christmas What I had been avidly curious about—a movie about a not-yet-out lesbian bringing her girlfriend home for the holidays, directed by cult queer icon Clea DuVall!—suddenly seemed so leaden, so cheap, so unfunny. It’s a really bad trailer—not just because it unappealingly advertises a movie, but because the actual movie (Hulu, November 25) it’s advertising is a real delight, a vibrant and winsome little picture that actually does live up to all of its initial promise. Don’t let the terrible teaser scare you off.

That first glimpse of Happiest Season made the movie look utterly formulaic, styled after the limp but exceedingly popular holiday junk food cranked out in increasing volume by Hallmark, Lifetime, and Netflix every year. While DuVall’s film is fashioned, in some senses, after those movies, it also elevates the blueprint: There is an elegance to Happiest Season not seen in myriad movies about Christmas cranks or busybodies learning to love during tinsel time.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 6.7