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Judy one attends with a hanging jaw at the overwhelming physical and emotional waste displayed here by Renée Zellweger. Judy And, the truth is, even admitting that critical objectivity that, I know, you should keep on guard if you dedicate yourself professionally to this film opinion, the desire to get severe with a feature film is diluted, limitations on the other side of the camera apart , has allowed you to enjoy such an interpretive display. Okay, maybe Judy suffers from a certain deficit of genuinely cinematographic gaze (they say that in theater Rupert Goold is a prodigy; and because of how she handles the cast I believe it, eh), but, in the end, this is a film.

Had she been true to the spirit of her source material (the excellent End of the Rainbow), Judy could have given a compelling portrait of the decay that always follows ecstasy, or at least a kitschy gem like Dearest Mom. Goold chooses not to stain his fingers, to make a film more beautiful than uncomfortable, whose containment is more cowardly than elegant, and give us everything chewed up: an anti-heroine, a trauma, a villain and, deep down, a system that sucks up and gobbles it up; the same that gives rise to tapes like this. Hollywood settling accounts with Hollywood to make money. The ‘glamorization’ of misfortune in order to heal the consciences of a wealthy public accustomed to lynching via Twitter.

Duration: 118 min


IMDb: 6.8