It Chapter Two
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It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two the television version of It, based on the Stephen King novel, marked a generation of children who It Chapter Two were traumatized by the diabolical clown played by Tim Curry. Elsewhere, I recounted that all of my cousins ​​were traumatized, and like them, almost all the children and adolescents of the 1990s. Despite not being a big deal from a technical point of view, the first half of the miniseries is sustained thanks to the empathy we could feel for the fears of children, as well as the abuse they received by their family and classmates. class. In fact, most of those who were impressed by this adaptation often remember, quote (and still bristle) with various scenes from the first half of the miniseries, but scoff at the resolution of the story.

This is due to the fact that the telefilm was falling ugly in its second half, starring the adult versions of the Losers Club, which were played by non-charismatic actors, even Annette O’Toole did it badly as the adult version of Beverly Marsh . Not to mention, because of the play’s infamous budget, the movie’s last minutes were gruesome, with a rubber spider as the final enemy, and cuts that made the last battle against Pennywise very unspectacular.

Duration: 169 min


IMDb: 6.5