Horse Girl
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Horse Girl

Horse Girl Whatever expectations you have about Alison Brie’s new Netflix movie Horse Girl, you can throw them out the Horse Girl window. This is one movie that does not go anywhere its audience expects it to, adding twist upon twist until it ends with one very surreal and confusing scene. So how can one explain the Horse Girl ending? Is such a feat even possible? Or is this simply one of those movies were viewers are meant to draw their own conclusions, with no one technically having the “right” answer?

In the film, which Brie co-wrote, Brie portrays a young woman named Sarah. Sarah works at an arts and crafts store, lives with a much more social roommate (Debby Ryan), attends Zumba classes, and spends her free time watching a paranormal crime series called Purgatory and trying to hang out with the horse she had as a child — much to the chagrin of the horse’s current owners. To most, her life seems lonely and depressing, but Sarah doesn’t seem too bothered by the hand she’s been dealt. At least not until some strange things start happening to her. It’s revealed that Sarah’s grandmother was a paranoid schizophrenic who tragically died homeless and alone, which had an effect on Sarah’s mother. Her mom suffered from depression, and died by suicide a year before the film takes place. So when seemingly supernatural things begin happening to Sarah, she can’t be sure if she’s heading down her family’s path of mental illness or if she’s actually experiencing something paranormal.

Duration: 103 min


IMDb: 5.9