High Life
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High Life

High Life since her visit to Toronto and San Sebastián, where she won the FIPRESCI award, High Life, from the veteran gala High Life Claire Denis (The scoundrels, An inner sun, A woman in Africa) in her debut in English, she has elicited all kinds of comments. From an intellectual point of view, there is praise as an open work that suggests without saying; From a more playful perspective, close to understanding the cinema before as an entertainment that nourishes if anything, but with stimulating factors of a generalized range, it is probable that the praises are much less, with their fragmented structure, slow tempo, and the sensation of a story elusive that leaves much to explain. High Life raises themes, reflection on the human and the extreme: read loneliness, the absence of a future, unsatisfied desires; It is a nihilistic vision that still does not deny man, since in the outcome it points to the leap to something else, although with few real expectations, once its two final protagonists definitely leave Earth behind.

The director speaks of having had as references, among other titles, the 2001 by Kubrick and Solaris, by Andrei Tarkovsky, and although perhaps there is something of what is raised in these films: the man faced in solitude with himself and the unknown conscious of its limits of comprehension, it is not possible to speak properly of a science-fiction film, despite being located in a future nothing specified. There is no display of special effects, no desire to visually dazzle. On the contrary, it is a moderate budget film, whose scenes, the interior of the nave, are previously seen through the use of a closed frame, somewhat visually suffocating, which its defenders will justify with that it is an intimate, torn look to the human nature of his characters, put in certain extreme circumstances and conducive to the greatest imaginable absurdity. It is understood that philosophical aspects of depth are also addressed, which perhaps arouses certain intellectual enjoyment of a speculative nature, but its approach and objectives would work equally well if instead of a spaceship we spoke of seclusion in a desert area, an island, or any underground facility no possibility of exit.

Duration: 113 min


IMDb: 5.8