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Haunt in these times of elevated horror, that elevated terror so elevated at times that it floats like a balloon Haunt filled with air that deflates until it is lost in oblivion, it is a pleasure to meet again with a low horror movie, which does not mean low quality, but low instincts, few pretensions – if any other than to scare and amuse – and good formal resolution. That is undoubtedly Haunt – House of Horror: a simple and effective gory exercise in the old school slasher of a lifetime. Produced and well produced by Eli Roth, La casa del terror takes up the healthy habit of introducing a group of young people into a sinister and closed enclosure, and after a few strokes of character without too much depth (nor is it necessary) to massacre them from imaginative, bloody and gruesome shapes, until the body count turns into survival by turning the tables, luckily after breaking a lot of eggs while making it. Nothing new for sure. But Scott Beck and Bryan Woods – screenwriters from the lower by elevated A Quiet Place – direct with ease and efficiency, their actors and actresses die well, the gloomy and dark aesthetic works and, above all, the fantastic villains give real bad vibes, highlighting by the face of the latest serial killers of the genre, often too seriously.

When the clever men threaten horror films that look at us over their shoulders, winking behind the plastic glasses and smiling between their beards as if to say: “this is not a simple horror movie”, La casa del terror is enjoyed and a lot because it is, precisely, a simple horror movie. Something much less simple to do and to see than it seems. Something that, in fact, does not give headlines or provoke iniquitous and innocuous endless debates on the networks, but only invites us to have a good bad time full of scares, blood, violence and primary suspense. Virtues unfairly underestimated, whose enjoyment differentiates those of us who really love the gender from those who only claim to love it. Let no one fool you: if you are looking for a good fun for the eternal Halloween in which we fans of pure horror movies live, do not stop entering La casa del terror, you will appreciate it.

Duration: 92 min


IMDb: 6.3