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Girls Trip

Girls Trip “Life keeps throwing you bullshit,” says Lisa (Regina Hall), in Andrew Bujalski’s remarkable “Support Girls Trip the Girls,” a thoughtful and touching look at the day in the life of a woman running an Texas sports bar, and her maternal support of the scantily clad waitresses who answer to her. Lisa has to put up with a lot of bullshit: an attempted robbery, unruly sexist customers, the bar’s obnoxious owner (James LeGros), marriage troubles, and her own staff. But she juggles each new challenge with a steely resolve that makes her one of Bujalski’s greatest characters, the indefatigable creation of a filmmaker who excels at exploring the nuances of human behavior.

There’s nothing subtle about Lisa’s place of an employment, the crudely named Double Whammies, where she oversees a sexist operation with an unusual amount of dignity. The movie unfolds as a succession of small moments, with Hall at the center of nearly every scene, as she bounces from one frustrating task to the next. In the midst of training new staff and attempting to raise funds for a struggling employee with a carwash, she’s forced to contend with a pileup of complications. The cable keeps going out, her boss won’t stop giving her grief, the customers objectify the women, and her husband’s in the process of moving out. Everyone seems to appreciate her, but nobody will give her a break.

Duration: 122 min


IMDb: 6.2