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Flatliners it was the year 1990 when a movie called ‘Deadline’ (‘Flatliners’) hit theaters. Its good performance at Flatliners the box office -only in the United States it raised 61 million compared to a cost of 26- was, of course, a bit in the background due to the fact that months before ‘Pretty Woman’ had been released, that being the tape that shot Julia Roberts’ popularity to unsuspected limits.

In fact, it is not even a title especially remembered today, since there is often much more talk of ‘Hidden Youth’ (‘The Lost Boys’), the previous feature film by Joel Schumacher, but that was not enough for Sony to give up of the idea of putting out a new version here entitled ‘Hooked to death’ (‘Flatliners’). At first they sold it to us as a sequel, but finally they have given us a very decaf remake that fails at everything.

Duration: 109 min


IMDb: 5.2