First Cow
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First Cow

First Cow unearths the past in its opening minutes when a young woman (Alia Shawkat) walks her dog near a river. First Cow We are in what is now Oregon, but the skeletons he finds buried speak of another time. The bones are very close together and one can expect a sad story. In contrast to the silent death that accompanies First Cow in its inception, Kelly Reichardt’s new film turns out to be a slow-burning western, in which pistol shots and fatal duels could not be more absent, rather, the focus here is on whispering tragedy and simple beauty.

Kelly Reichardt, who already chose unfamiliar and unfamiliar perspectives in the course of her film Meek’s Cutoff to reflect on the myth of the frontier in cinema, now goes back to the early nineteenth century, when fur hunters in particular came to the territory of Oregon and hope to have their prey properly. To earn money, the chef Cookie Figowitz (John Magaro), is among that group before meeting the strange King-Lu (Orion Lee), and he comes up with another business idea: with the milk of the first cow inside in Oregon, You can make delicacies, which people are unaware of and will eventually become addicted. Suddenly, even the roughest contemporaries are lining up.

Duration: 122 min


IMDb: 7.0