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Ferdinand Antonio Lorca, bullfighting critic for the newspaper El País wrote this Sunday, Three Kings Day, an article Ferdinand in which he destroyed the animated film Ferdinand. The film tells the story of a pacifist bull who is captured to take him to Spain and try to turn him into a fighting bull. The focus of the film, clearly animalistic, has not liked the bullfighting sector. This specific article, entitled “The moving, tender, sentimental and lying story of the bull Ferdinand”, attacks the work by assuring that the fiction of drawings is “a lie like a cathedral”.

The text, which guts the film from beginning to end, charges against the story of the bull that rebels to die in the plaza victim of cruelty and animal abuse. Thus, the bullfighting critic assures that Ferdinand “renounces his animal nature” and that “he rejects his destiny as a fighting bull, as if the hen could give up laying eggs, the dog walking on all fours or the lion chasing and devouring the Wildebeest. The message of the movie is deeply unnatural. “

Duration: 108 min


IMDb: 6.7