Fear Bay
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Fear Bay

Fear Bay in the old days, i.e. 2017, you had to go to your local multiplex to see a Michael Bay blockbuster. You know Fear Bay the type of movie we’re talking about: explosions, robots, shots which last 0.003 seconds, chiseled dudes, smokin’-hot babes. (Not “men” and “women.” There are no such things as men and women in a Michael Bay movie. Only chiseled dudes and smokin’-hot babes.) Because it is currently 2019, however, we — by which we mean cinephiles to cultural pundits to guys wearing backwards baseball caps to your mom — can log onto Netflix on a Friday and voila, there’s a brand new movie from the Transformers/Bad Boys director on the streaming service, ready to entertain you, or at the very least, help you kill brain cells and a little over two hours. You do not even need to leave your couch. What a time to be alive.

Somewhere in an abandoned, heavily set-dressed airfield in the California desert, there is a sextet of “ghosts” — people presumed dead and who have left their old lives behind — that operate as a self-contained, elite global security unit. They answer to no government. They have no Christian names, answering only to generic handles (the Hitman, the C.I.A. Spook, the Skywalker) and numbers (3, 6, 4, 2). Their leader is known simply as the Billionaire (Ryan Reynolds). These men and women fly around the world to picturesque metropolitan areas and political hotspots — though they always seem to remain in an over-lit limbo you could call the “Bay area” — and fix what No. 1 refers to as the worst of the worst.

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Genre: Thriller


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Duration: 87 min


IMDb: 4.2