Fantasy Island
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Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island if you turn very fast and many times you can not only end up losing your orientation, but also your sense. Fantasy Island At the end of ‘Fantasy Island’, director Jeff Wadlow is so aware of the gibberish and illogical nature of his story – and that one of the characters keeps talking about natural consequences and coherence – that he decides to end his film with a “fuck it!” in the form of the most idiotic joke ever told. If the viewer is abstracted from the chaos of a plot in which there is no one at the wheel, he at least will find solace at some other time that is magical because it is delusional. ‘Fantasy Island’ is the last of the shoe of those who are always ahead of the film, of those who play gut and “I already knew it”, because it is an unpredictable film. But really unpredictable. And that has its charm.

Just as paella is a Spain brand, the offal, screaming young girls and popcorn terror are the hallmarks of Blumhouse productions. In just over 10 years he has gone from financing very low-budget genre films to producing not-so-low-cost genre films and daring names of the caliber of Shyamalan, Spike Lee and Jordan Peele. Its founder, Jason Blum, has built an emporium based on severed members and raging ghosts since ‘Paranormal Activity’ (2009) blew up the box office (177 million euros) with a budget of 13,800. Since then, sagas such as ‘La Purga’, ‘Sinister’ or ‘Feliz día de tu muerte’ have defined a style of entertainment horror cinema by reformulating the genre, lightening it and using television or cast faces to star in some ‘blockbusters’ with no other encouragement than to make people scream. That is not little.

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