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Dumbo the new colossus of entertainment continues to try to milk nostalgia: Disney is expanding the franchises Dumbo we love as kids, bringing to life superheroes we read growing up, and finally recreating, one by one, the animated classics that raised us. After John Favreau’s strange — but not entirely unpleasant — adaptation of The Jungle Book, comes this Tim Burton adaptation of Dumbo. And I would say the movie is disappointing if I had expected something.

With this film, Tim Burton proves, once and for all, that his most creative work is behind him and that he is not even capable of making good rehashes of his own ideas. With this film, too, Disney has shown that the joy of making movies cannot be bought with money. Almost 80 years ago, with raw animation techniques, music and a lot of heart, Walt Disney had made, based on the inspiration of Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl, a wonderful film. That 1941 film continues to enchant the dreams of generations and, therefore, I find it particularly sad that a mess of this size comes to impose crude images on such an elegant memory.

Duration: 112 min


IMDb: 6.3