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Dolittle with the premiere of Dolittle, the story of the nineteenth-century veterinarian who can speak to his Dolittle patients in their own animal languages, it became one of the most popular children’s films, adding its third adaptation in just over 50 years. The first was Doctor Dolittle, in which the protagonist was played by the dapper and somewhat rigid English actor Rex Harrison, who by 1967 was already well known for his central roles in Joseph Mankiewicz’s inordinate Cleopatra (1963) and the musical comedy Mi beautiful lady (George Cukor, 1964), with Audrey Hepburn. Three decades later it would be Eddie Murphy, whose career was beginning to roll downhill, who would put himself in the shoes of the veterinarian in a version dated to the ’90s. Twenty-two years later, the person in charge of returning the character to its Victorian origin is none other than Robert Downey Jr., in his first job in six years in which he does not have to play Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, a character who was the soul of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 12 years. Far from being a liberation, his interpretation of Dolittle does not always get rid of that air of superiority and the penchant for irony and excesses that defined his iconic character. Something not unlike what happened to his version of Sherlock Holmes in the Guy Ritchie-directed movies, which will have their third episode next year.

Beyond that detail – which those who are fans of Tony Stark will not stop enjoying – Dolittle manages to establish itself as an adventure film aimed at children that meets a central objective that most of its kind cannot achieve: transmit the adrenaline of adventure with resources of the cinema designed for children. Of course, the story does not forget that on the other side there will also be adults – to deny multitasking is anathema in contemporary industrial cinema – and it is concerned with making the adventures that its characters go through also attractive to them. But without forgetting their priorities, demanding that adults dare to connect with that playful side linked to the first experiences as a spectator that everyone still has somewhere.

Duration: 101 min


IMDb: 5.6