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Crooked House

Crooked House the success of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ can lead to a good series of adaptations Crooked House by the inexhaustible Agatha Christie, which will hopefully put on the table two reliable proofs of the modernity of the good lady’s work. First: if they don’t tell you who the murderer is, all the better; but if you already know or have very indiscreet acquaintances, nothing happens either. It is true that nothing like a final twist with an unexpected culprit, but Agatha Christie was much more than that, and a good adaptation shows it.

Second: Agatha Christie’s intrigues are partially blank canvases that leave room for reinterpretation, no matter how much they require certain elements to remain immovable (apart from the mystery’s own plot springs, it is dangerous to take the intrigues away from their original historical setting) . That is, and Kenneth Branagh proved it with his recent film about the Orient Express, a creator with a vision of his own can modify, modernize and reuse Christie’s original proposal.

Duration: 115 min


IMDb: 6.3